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Friday, February 21, 2014

Pamela Fidalgo, declares her love for our Reserva Privada Syrah

Pamela Fidalgo, probably the most creative young Chef in Chile today, declares her love for Torreón de Paredes Reserva Privada Syrah, she comments: "I had this wine for the first time at Torreón de Paredes in Rengo, invited by Javier Paredes, I learned then the beautiful story of Don Amado and his love for wine.
I love the intensity of flavors and aromas in this wine. Great wine to pair with cheese, beef, and warm appetizers. The ideal pairing for her current menu at Coquinaria Restaurant would be veal with zuchinni croquettes filled with brie."

By Patricio Tapia.
Wiken Magazine, El Mercurio

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nice way to bear this cold winter in Japan

We just got this picture from our Importer in Japan.
The picture was taken last week in Osaka after a heavy snow storm, please, check the detail of the bottle of Torreón de Paredes Sauvignon Blanc on the side...brilliant.
Nice way to bear this cold winter up there!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

"Ideal wines for this summer season"

The prestigious WIKEN Magazine, from El Mercurio Journal, chose our SAUVIGNON BLANC RESERVA 2013 as one of the "Ideal wines for this summer season".
Once again our Savignon Blanc shines before the eyes of the experts and wine lovers.